Holistic Approach To Psychiatry

Joe Rogan and Kelly Brogan getting real as F*CK! 

This podcast is unbelievably good and eye opening. A direct gateway into a deeper understanding of the brain and body, how its all linked and how we can heal ourselves NOW. For over 2 hours they discuss all of the traps that we get ourselves into when we become slaves to perscription meds. From everything to diet, to vitamin D, to mindset this podcast helps us discern between what we are being bombarded with on a daily basis to what is actually going to help us stay healthy and happy.

Joe Rogan is one of my favorite podcasters. He is absolutely hilarious. He has a very bro-y aspect to him as the host of UFC and then a super spiritual aspect that is curious to know why we are here and how we operate. All of the podcasts are insightful, informative and boundary pushing to the max.

Kelly Brogan has a fascinating story going from being all science everything to breaking out of her conditioned way of thinking to now helping women across the world heal themselves holistically.


By Rachel Pringle- Co-Founder of Wild Woman