My Other Love Is The Sun


You, me, pumpkin juice.

Juniper berries and sing songs.


I care too much.

I cant give you up.


I don't know who that owl peeks at.

His eyes never close.


He watches us share this peanut butter world.

Smooth, soft, sometimes crunchy.


It sticks. You stick.

Your words on the roof of my mouth.


My stomach churns.

The milk from your breast is sweet not sour.


Sing me a song

and fashion my lips closed.


My other love is the sun.

Talk dirty to me sun mother.


I know your smell.

I know your smile.


I sneak around to see your backside.

Round large. Heavy meat.

String delicate in my hand.


Poignant talks of feverish kisses.

I can feel the naughty warmth between my thighs.


La la in my mind.

Beauty trips on my tongue.


Acid laced scandals

walking with no sandals.


I'm watching you sleep.

i swim rapidly through your dreams.


I'll plant a pineapple tree.

Sweet and spiky.


Heaven is passion,

Passion is Life.





Excerpt from an "Old Disc"

Poetry from within is a series of words that are created during transient experiences of opening in order to guide us to our deepest heart.



Written by the Co Founder Rachel Pringle