Megan Zimring


Background: Jewish and Russian


*What are 3 words you use to describe yourself?

Deep, Intuitive, Driven 


*What makes you feel at home?

Warmth and other people, anything i feel I can melt into with ease. Where I feel safe. Nurturing experiences, places I can be nurtured, like a big pot of grandma's chicken soup, minus the chicken. Laughing so hard my belly hurts.  


*What is your best kept SELF LOVE secret?

Amazing body work session, my morning meditation which is a body scan, imagining this love energy pouring through my crown into every corner of my body. I can experience myself as the presence of love that I am. I can then radiate with that energy.  



*What does WORSHIP mean to you?

Reverence, it feels like the act of revering something, someone and yourself. To be in complete reverence and honor of the divine being that is you, to be in awe, to be in a state of wonder, in deep gratitude, for existence. To worship this existence, the gift of being alive. To worship one self is to revere oneself, the light and the dark, in awe of it all. In gratitude of it all. All of it. Revere the whole package. 


*What is one thing that makes you feel SEXY?

My booty, because I have a great booty :) 


*What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how does it make you feel?

A bohemian crop with a long white flowy skirt, I love how it shows my body. I feel so strong and feminine all at once. I experience myself as the balance of the masculine and feminine energy, sexy, feminine, powerful. 



*Describe what gets you in the mood to make love.

Sexy old school R&B music, candles, Ayurvedic massage oil. Creating a sensual experience, where all senses are activated, inhibiting the over action of the mind.   


*What is your High Vision?

My High Vision is to support the awakening that's happening in the planet in my own unique way, through evolutionary astrology, spiritual guidance, spiritual psychology, plant medicine, and sound healing. Practicing presence. Supporting people in freeing themselves from social, and familial layers of conditioning that have separated them from experiencing and knowing who they really are. Serving as a catalyst to connect people with their authentic self, and act from that place in the world, so they can make a difference in the world as well. As I continue to heal myself, to access my most authentic self, while sharing these tools to help others to do the same. To travel the world with my divine masculine partner, co-facilitating retreats and healing experiences. 


*What is one limiting belief you’re letting go of?

That if I'm completely my authentic uninhibited self, ill be perceived as to much to people. Or people will think I am too intense. 




Megan Zimring is the Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology. She offers soul empowerment coaching and Evolutionary Astrology for private and group sessions. Follow Megan @meganzimring and visit her website


Photography by Rachel Pringle & Interview by Moun D'Simone