New Moon in Leo, August 21st 2017

On August 21st, 2017 we will collectively experience the highly anticipated New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.



 In order to fully understand the implications of this Solar eclipse it is important that we review the recent Universal invitation that was extended during the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th.
Having occurred smack in the middle of two highly expressive Leo New Moons, the Aquarian Lunar eclipse asked us to check the authenticity of that expression.
It was a moment to take pause and ensure that we are aligned with our truest selves vs a self that has been shaped by social expectation and conditioning.  
A moment to stop and ensure that the words we speak are words of truth rather then words that have been tempered in order to receive acceptance and validation.
A moment to hone in on our long term vision and ensure that the steps we take along the way are based on who we actually are rather then who we have learned that the culture, family and friends want us to be.
 It was a moment of intermission. An authenticity checkpoint, before the upcoming “big show” during the solar eclipse on August 21st. 
The total solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses directly between the sun and the earth in an alignment so precise that it completely blocks out the light of the life giving sun from our point of view down here on earth. 
This may sound somewhat doomsday in its shadow interpretation (and the energy may be experienced in that way by some) but it certainly doesn’t have to manifest in our lives in its shadow form! The way these energies collapse into physical form is a function of our conscious choices in relationship to the energies at play. The more deeply we understand the energetic potentials, the more powerfully we can make the choices that optimize those potentials in our lives.
Let’s take a deeper cut…
Famously in Astrology we say “As above, so below.” Above, the sun is the center of the solar system, everything revolves around it. The sun is the battery that keeps the party down here rolling. The generator of light, heat and pure life force energy.
The light of the sun literally keeps all sentient beings alive. So its no shock that it can feel scary on a primal level to witness the all powerful light of the sun dimming away completely right before our eyes.  Something instinctual inside of us recognizes that forces much grander are at play here in this game called life and in that momentary darkness we feel our own fragility, our own mortality.
During the eclipse, that light which literally keeps us alive, sane, vital, growing…will go dark. This is powerfully symbolic when we think about how that phenomena “above” will affect us all down here “below.”
Where in your world do you encounter forces that eclipse YOUR light? How have you played a role in allowing this to happen?
Are there activities, behaviors, thought patterns, or choices you’ve been making that might be feeding into the experience of your energy being drained?  
Where have you kept your own “shadow” repressed, hidden, dark and where do you see that shadow being reflected to you in your outer experience? This is a good time to take a conscious look and begin to own and integrate it.
Just as it becomes hard to see when the light of the sun goes dim, where has it become hard to see the road forward in your own life? What situations, people or experiences have been feeding into this distraction or loss of vision?
There are some things we don’t appreciate until they are gone and this is a moment to deepen in our appreciation of our own light and the power it has to heal, strengthen and generate life in the world.
So, where have you been hiding your own light, your expression, your own true life force energy for fear of being judged or perhaps eclipsed by another?
This is a Universal invitation to observe where our vital life force energies are being drained, and discover the subsequent opportunities to remedy those situations and recapture that which “lights us up” and that which floods us with vitality and energy. 
For some, this process will be smooth and clear as day. For others, there may be a need to first go through the dark night (in the middle of the day) in order to experience the contrast and re-emerge back into the light with a new level of ownership of the shadow.
When it comes to this precious gift of life, this is Mother Nature’s way of saying use it or lose it! This light. This life. Is not something to mess around with or take for granted. Here the Universe is giving us a not so subtle reminder of what can happen when our light is eclipsed, taken away, drained…And of how fragile life can actually be. That it can all go dark in an instant.
The fact that this solar eclipse is in Leo (the second Leo new moon in a row) is highly significant! Leo is the energy that reminds us to LIVE FULLY and take nothing for granted! To ENJOY LIFE and drink in every last ounce. To be present with and appreciate what is.
In remembering that life is fragile and all things are temporary, Leo brings us more fully into the present moment where all the magic synchronicity and bliss await. Leo invites us into joy, bliss, pleasure and fun. It asks us to become re-enchanted and fall back in love with life!
The Leo Solar Eclipse is a deep and precious reminder of the simultaneous fragility and fullness of life. An invitation to reveal every ounce of ourselves, dance fully, share fully, love freely, play unabashedly, harness our inner children and giggle until it hurts simply because we are alive.
The Leonine evolutionary lesson is so much about knowing and then freely sharing the abundant blessings of our truest hearts out into the world. Here we display the magnificent array of our full peacock colors, and in being witnessed, adored, and loved for the courage it took to reveal ourselves in this authentic way (thank you Aquarian intermission!) we are supported in stepping forward, sharing our gifts and fully embodying our radiance in this lifetime.
We are being invited to risk being seen in our fullness. The act of expressing and being received for the free, uninhibited, fullness that exists inside us all is exactly the mechanism that will flood light into the seemingly “eclipsed” territories of our consciousness and revitalize our way of being in the world.
By discovering and fully expressing ourselves and our creative gifts we move into a way of being that is aligned, optimized, self honoring and focused. A way of being that will magnetize that which serves us straight into our field – just as the sun has gravity, so too do we when we operate from this place of being fully expressed and shining our light just as the sun shines its own.
In successfully navigating this solar eclipse (including the releases and new beginnings that are likely to be involved) we find the access point to the solar energy within that is at the ready to revitalize, reinvigorate and reignite our spirits at any time. To give us new life at any time. So, face what comes, own the shadow, and know that your internal sunlight stands at the ready to support you in navigating through anything.
It is there to give you life. To give you light. You are the sun center of your world and the time has come to use that light to penetrate outdated and limiting illusions and powerfully share your own personal brand of solar magic with all who cross your path.
In igniting our inner light through creative expression, play and uninhibited blissful presence we learn that we can recover from anything. We learn that we have our own generator of vitality, of solar energy, of light, that exists within; and that we can access it at any time. We learn that no matter what occurs in our external, no matter what may attempt to eclipse or stifle our light, that at the core we are free, we are vital and we are here to shine.



Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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