Shadows Have Come To Hide

Now you will find that nothing is the same, nor shall it be again. Now you see, bless your sight. 




"Bless this space

The stars have cleared

Bless the pain

The planets have speared


On a spit

My soul burns

Purified by the pull

Of a Saturn return


What was once law

Has been set to the side

Where the light once touched

Shadows have come to hide


A serpent's tail

Disappears from view

A cycle begins

Death to renew


Beat, beat, beat the drum

Listen closely to Osiris' hum


Maiden shall you become your own?

To claim your crown and claim your throne?"




May we bless the cycles, bless the seasons, bless the weather of our lives. May we be both the flow of the river and the bedrock that holds the waters steady. Resist nothing. 




Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight