A New Vocabulary That Can Change Your Life


We often say I am angry, or I am upset. In reality we are not entirely angry or upset, only a part of us is angry at this moment, or a part of us is upset at this moment. 

Understanding how to use "PARTS VOCABULARY" will help you to separate yourself from the feeling and still acknowledge it is there. By simply noting that a part of us feel a certain way will give us space to look at it more objectively and subsequently find a more proactive way to work through that. 

When we understand that not our entire ourself is upset or angry, it gives us space to be fully present in the moment and come to a more equanimous state. 
This will also give you the space to notice what's really present, note it and then be able to let it go. Another fact to remember is that an emotion lasts 90 seconds, after that it's the story we create around it. With this in mind the next time you recognize you have a certain feeling towards a situation or a person, bring in the parts vocabulary, and reframe how you are thinking and speaking. 

For example: Instead of saying "I am upset at you" reframe and switch your vocabulary to "A part of me is upset at you right now". Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives.
Positive reframing does not change the situation, but it can certainly reduce damage and put things into a healthier perspective. 


The brain like any other muscle in the body needs to be taken to the gym often and after sometime it starts to take new shape, it becomes stronger, more resilient. With time what was once new it slowly starts to become more familiar. 


  I am sad.                 Reframe:  A part of me is sad right now.
I am disappointed.       Reframe:  A part of me feels disappointed.
I am so excited.       Reframe: A part of me is very excited.   


Incorporate these tools and see how things shift in your day to day experience, share your comments below.



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Moun D'Simone is the co-founder of Wild Woman. She is also a Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.