Money Making Meditation


Money is such an interesting concept. We all want it, right? The question is do you love money? Why do I ask this question? Well, simply because our energy towards money is what ultimately dictates how we receive money in the first place. Money or the exchange of money is all based in energy much like everything else in this universe. Its a mysterious and interesting energy to play with similar to love. Its a lot about our belief around money and what it signifies in our lives. 

In this meditation and ritual we will do a clearing around our belief system with money and then reinstate that belief into something positive that aligns us with receiving money and abundance in all forms.


What you need:

Fuego, a lighter or candle

Pen and paper

Bowl of water

Cup of water

Flower or green leaf


1. Find yourself in a comfortable space that is open and filled with light. Day time is preferable. 



2. Get your notebook and write down your two biggest limiting beliefs around money.

Here are two of my old limiting beliefs around money as an example.

"I have so much already that I don't deserve more money."

This comes out of an old belief that i don't deserve more than I already have. feeling guilty for wanting more and thinking that if I receive more money it means someone else receives less. This is a trap. The truth is there is an unlimited source of money in the world and when you have more money and receive it with love and joy you are impacting others around you to receive more as well. Its like the old concept that by helping someone who is sick you don't then also become sick you impact them with your health, lifting them up by your positive vibration.  

"Money is not spiritual, only jerks and selfish people have a lot of money."

If you associate money with someone being an asshole its likely that you are not sending the best message out into the universe. You can't attract something that you have such huge resistance too. So how do we change this belief? Here are 2 different affirmations to begin shifting this old energy into something new and exciting!

Take these two limiting beliefs you have written down and out loud repeat:

"I no longer receive these beliefs as my own. I release them back to nature to be healed and renewed."

Then burn the piece of paper with the candle and drop it into the bowl of water.

Take this bowl of water and give it back to nature. Pour it onto a tree, bush or plant and feel yourself offering it back to nature to be renewed.



3. Reinstate your beliefs to something positive.

"I love money and money loves me."

How can you allow something into your life that you hate? When you start rearranging your words and feelings around money to love and appreciation you will start to feel an ease around receiving more money into your life.

"I love money like I love my best friend, partner or pet. Money loves me like my best friend, partner, or pet."

This one might seem silly at first yet has a really deep connection to opening our body to receiving abundance. Think about the person or pet that loves you so deeply and unconditionally. It feels really good when you concentrate on this, so why not focus that feel good energy into money. That having money feels that good, that unconditional and that free!

Write these new positive beliefs down onto paper and place your flower or leaf into the fresh cup of water as an offering of abundance and flourishing. Then say your two statements out loud and place them and your cup of water by a window that receives light.

Repeat these statements for a week every morning and night and be aware of any resistance that comes up and inquire where you may be holding yourself back. Looking at the water in the cup remembering that it washes away anything old and look at the flower or leaf as a symbol of opening and blossoming inside of you.



4. Allow the universe to do what it does best.

Forget about the cursed HOWS! I encourage you not to be attached to how the money is going to come, simply be rooted in the feeling of having everything you need and desire and how good it feels being abundant and being able to share your abundance with others.

Finish this week off by writing down how the abundance of money showed up differently for you during this week.

Did you you get a check in the mail?

A sudden promotion for all your hard work?

Or did you get treated for dinner or a coffee.

Find $20 on the floor?

Remember to be aware of the subtle changes and celebrate the smallest joys on your way to receiving all the abundance that you deserve!


Written by Co Founder, Rachel Pringle