New Moon In Virgo, Sept 19th, 2017


On September 19th (or early on September 20th, depending where you are located in the US) we will collectively experience the practical and earth bound energy of the New Moon in Virgo.

To understand this New Moon it is important to understand the energetic invitations that first set the stage.

The total solar eclipse on August 21st and the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th brought forward an intense period of paradigm shifting energetic upgrades, life changing alterations and new beginnings pointing the way into potentially uncharted territory.

These energies invited us to step into our greatest levels of courageous expression (Leo) and of surrendered expansion (Pisces).

To own ourselves on the deepest levels, light and shadow, and then to unabashedly reveal that self out into the world (Leo).

To “get over ourselves” enough in order to expand into the awareness of “self” as part of a greater whole (Pisces).

To move from the “me” to the “we,” from “self consciousness” to “cosmic consciousness.”

To get out of our own way just enough to receive and allow divine inspiration to flow through (Pisces) so that we can ultimately share those insights in our own unique way in support of inspiring those around us to do the same (Leo).

These are the recent themes, and its important to note that how these energies have actually manifested in your life (and how aggressive the related “lessons” have been) is a function of the choices you’ve been making up until now.

For example, if you’ve struggled with issues around control, the Piscean lesson of surrender may have shown up in a physical form that forced you to let go and to “get over your attachments” enough to release. This may have seemed difficult at the time, but the soul level growth is the ultimate aim and from a divine perspective, makes it all worth it.

How easy or difficult navigating these processes become is completely up to you; a function of how well you know yourself and of how aware you are of what your "spiritual curriculum" is in this lifetime. The offering in these astrological overviews is the gift of perspective, and of recognizing your role as the empowered and conscious navigator of the reality you are creating in each moment.

Needless to say the Astrological territory this past month has been intense, meaningful and also full of contradiction.

We’ve been asked to know the self and become selfless.

To recognize the importance of“healthy ego” and then to let go of attachment to the false self in service of the divine one, the essence of us all.

To express and expand in extraordinary ways. And now, with the New Moon in Virgo we finally receive the invitation to organize, ground, and apply a certain amount of discernment in terms of how we choose to proceed, and then to integrate the lessons we’ve learned into our daily experience. To integrate the contradictions we’ve navigated into one streamlined version of our identity that feels most inspired, whole and clear.

Virgo invites us to take a step back and “organize the data.”

What have you learned as of recently?

What areas in your life could use a healthy dose of improvement?

Watch out for self-judgment but do look with critical, clear and honest eyes. From this place we grow. From this place we experience true embodied expansion. In Pisces we expand in a metaphysical sense; in Virgo we lay the foundation and take the steps necessary so that the expansion can actually be seen and experienced in the physical!   

Virgo invites us to do the real (and sometimes monotonous) work in order to make our insights real and to collapse the dreams we have in our minds into a tangible form that can be useful in the world. So, here we commit to taking the practical “real world” steps necessary in service of making those soul level visions a reality.

This is a wonderful time to think about the healthy new habits and routines that we may be willing to implement. We think about the mundane, yet necessary, tasks that will support our long term pursuits like waking up earlier, eating healthier, incorporating spreadsheets to better organize ourselves, and implementing systems to ensure that no details go missed as we move forward intentionally in pursuit of our goals.

We move from the Piscean world of the “ethereal” to the no mess Virgo world of the earth bound, realistic, physical.

So, put your analytical hat on and explore what has unfolded recently while asking yourself how these recent learnings (whether challenging or easy) are inviting you to grow?

What commitments are you willing to make to yourself in service of radical self improvement?

What steps could you take to more fully embody your high vision?

How could you be of greater service in the world?

Are there ways in which you have been underestimating yourself or being overly judgmental? (a mere symptom of “virgosis” and no reflection of your authentic self!)

Are there systems you could put in place to mitigate feelings of “less than” in support of the truth that you are, and always have been, more than enough?

Use this energy well to recognize your birthright as an intentional creator and to employ the power of your physical human form in order to identify and implement the structures necessary to affect real change in your life. Anchor in the growth! Anchor in the vision!

Making the commitment to personal excellence and taking small practical steps each day toward that larger goal is a great way to start and this Virgo New Moon is the Universal invitation to begin!

If there are problem areas you’ve turned a blind eye to in the past due to lack of readiness to make a shift, this is the moment to look with clear eyes and set the intention to grow. This is the time to recognize what actually needs to be done in order to see the shifts, healing and evolution you’ve been dreaming about set in motion. To see that dream of a better self, a better life, a better lifestyle begin to make manifest. You are the generator, you are the engine; it won’t begin until you do and the time is now.


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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