Keep Me In My Truth

Let a new love not be the end of your prayer for your highest love. With these words, give your union up to the Divine. Release all attachment.




Stirring in my heart 

Blessed love and connection

Goddess, let me not forgot

That this is a reflection 


Keep me grounded firm 

Keep me in my truth 

Let me represent my heart 

Without the carelessness of youth 


I pray for a union blessed 

A partnership, most high 

Though he may stand before me

I'll pray this till I die 


For my heart expands still

And the light that burns within 

Is aching to flood without 

And commune with only Him 


May my consciousness be of Christ

And my beloved's too

May conditions be not welcome here

So that I may always love you 




In the ascent of a new love we find the colors of the world more vibrant, the songs sweeter, and the taste of chocolate more decadent. Let this rapture of the senses empower and strengthen our prayer to align with the highest, truest and most potent love that the Divine has in store for us. May our lovers stay if they are such, and leave with grace if they be not.