Full Moon in Pisces, September 6th 2017

 Expanding Beyond the Ordinary

On September 6th, 2017 we experience a beautiful dissolution of boundaries and separation with the Full Moon in Pisces.


After the extraordinarily powerful, paradigm shifting total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st this Piscean Full Moon energy is a welcome opportunity to expand beyond any residual limitations that we perceive in our physical space.
The solar eclipse in Leo was an invitation to deepen our capacity to appreciate the gift it is to be alive. To no longer take this precious human incarnation for granted and express the abundant gifts of our most authentic hearts out into the world. To play, sing, dance, create, and fall back in love with life as we witnessed our realities up level into even greater alignment.
Much of that energy was wild and expressive and about being here, now, present on earth. We were invited to explore and make the most out of our earthly forms. To turn on our “sun centers” and find the gravity that we each carry within.
Think about what you magnetized into your experience around the total eclipse on August 21st – that was a function of your inner sun gravity magnetizing relationships, opportunities and experiences that will be supportive (in one way or another) of aligning you with your path forward.
While many of us experienced profound breakthroughs and a significant increase in shocking synchronicities during and around the eclipse, many of us also entered breaking points and faced necessary releases in order to create space for precious new beginnings to unfold.
While we deeply honor the process of SELF-expression we each moved through during the recent Leonine eclipse, the Piscean energy on September 6th is coming forward to remind us of our capacity to expand BEYOND the self.
To expand beyond the physical plane.
To expand beyond the mundane and the ordinary.
To expand beyond all that is earth bound and enter the world of the metaphysical.
Here we are invited to release, surrender, and take in the greater picture. To see with clear eyes that are free of attachment; but first we must let go.  
The Pisces Full Moon is an invitation to re-engage with cosmic consciousness vs “self consciousness.”
A certain amount of self consciousness is to be expected when we were working with the Leo (solar) energy which is so deeply related to our sense of self – the “I” the “me.” And during the recent eclipse we certainly deepened our relationship with self, with our authentic “I,” in order to share that with the world. Important work! But with that, some overly “self conscious” behavior may have come forward as well.  

Pisces is the remedy.
Where Leo can overly identify with self, Pisces on the other hand is oriented toward the transcendence of the self. A beautiful balance is being offered to us here. An opportunity to have first gotten to know our healthy ego selves (with the Leo energy) and then to expand beyond the ego remembering we are not our minds, we are not our bodies.
This Piscean energy is a moderating factor coming in to make sure we don’t become too wrapped up in, or overly identified with our “little me” and while we appreciate the new experiences and shifts that have come with the eclipse we receive the reminder that we are not our story either.  

A beautiful mantra during this full moon, “I am not my mind. I am not my body.” From that place sit with and meditate upon the question, "then who am I really?"

Pisces enters the scene and says remember that while you may experience yourself as separate, separation is an illusion and you are part of an infinite whole. Everything is interconnected and while we each must play our own individual role, every move we make is part of the greater whole.
This Piscean Full Moon is such a beautiful reminder of our inherent oneness. It takes the pressure off a bit and allows us to let go and after so much “doing” we are now invited to practice the art of being, receiving, flowing for a while.
This is a great time to deepen your meditation practice, explore breath work, sound therapy, energy healing or just connect with your loved ones soul to soul instead of ego to ego.
As you allow yourself to melt into the soul level connections, aim to experience your inherent oneness with all that is. Your psychic antennae are raised right now, so close your eyes, tune in and receive the messages that are available from spirit.  
Boundaries tend to be a bit thin when Pisces is involved, so while we aim to transcend the experience of separation during this time we also want to be aware of our personal boundaries when it comes to relationship. 

With Mercury going direct on September 5th just a day before this Full Moon, we have a powerful opportunity to speak our truth from a place rooted in divine Piscean love.
Here we also have the opportunity to integrate that which we have re-visited on a mental level during Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Over the past few weeks we may have seen mental patterns, processes, and conditioned ways of thinking surface that we now have an awareness of, and we can use the full moon energy to expand beyond the identification with these old ways of thinking and fully release them in order to anchor in new and more productive ways of processing information moving forward.
We tend to be quite porous energetically during Piscean times as sensitivities run on high, so be mindful that you may be taking on emotional energy from others like a sponge. Be sure to slow down, check in with yourself and create the time and space to ground in and re-center. Take some time to sit in silence and allow the waters of your consciousness to settle before acting. In this way we become clear about what is ours and what is not ours and ensure that which we choose to act upon is coming from a place of personal clarity rather then energetic invasion.
This is a beautiful time to honor the knowing that we are infinite beings living in an infinite existence. To engage deep gratitude that we have the opportunity in this lifetime to experience both the physical and the metaphysical. To witness both the mundane and the magical. To feel with our bodies and to feel with our hearts. To perceive ourselves as individuals and perceive the truth that we’ve never been alone at all…
This full moon is a wonderful opportunity to let go of anything no longer serving, while transcending the perceived limitations of the physical and the illusion of separateness through a deepening of your spiritual practice. In this way we experience the true spaciousness that has always been available at the level of spirit.





Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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