What If Women Are Wilder

What if women are wilder, more dangerous, more demanding and more unpredictable than we believe we are allowed to be? 



And what if this wildness has been suppressed because, like the forces of Mother Nature herself, the feminine principle cant really be fully understood and therefore harnessed? 




"Don't ask her to be a rock for you to lean upon. Instead, build her wings, point her to the sky, and she will teach you both how to fly." - Atticus 



As a society we have lost connection to our source of life, Gaia.

We are poisoning her waters, extracting from her depths, polluting her lungs, and destroying her soil.

We have tortured nature for her secrets. Abused her as a resource, rather than revering her as the Source.

We celebrate a culture of patriarchy enshrined through the values of competition, commodification, violence and oppression.

Women are a representation of the Earth. To violate Her is the demise of humanity.

Gaia Erotica is a photography project that transmutes the energetic patterns of these injustices.

Adorning the divine feminine with the sacred treasures of nature, creating altars of devotion to Gaia.

Celebrating the female form as temples of worship.

Remembering we are nature unfolding in conscious evolution. 


These photographs are evidence of a healing, transformative process.
One that begins with vulnerability and the courage to be in her skin.
A ceremonial space is created and an alchemical process begins that evokes strength, beauty and sensuality.
She is adorned, honored, celebrated, worshiped.
Her wild nature is awakened.
She is seen.

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