The Way Of The Wild Woman Online Course

“Rachel was absolutely AMAZING! Even though it was clear to me that many of the women were at a more advanced stage in their journey, I not ONCE felt as though I wasn't accepted/judged by Rachel and/or the group. Nor did I feel as though I couldn't express myself. I will definitely be working on the practices and hopefully take another course in the future! Receiving personal text messages from Rachel was one of the biggest surprises for me and what I appreciated the most. Rachel is genuine, down to earth, open and transparent. She is REAL.” - Emily Franklin

“The Way of the Wild Woman has been an amazing experience and the beginning of a healing journey with myself. I started the course aware of meditation’s powers, and came out of it with more discipline to practice new rituals and old ones that I made stronger with Rachel’s help. Rachel is real and raw, her vulnerability allows each of us to feel seen and understood in moments of darker times and exciting days. She is flexible and listens to everyone with a unique desire to really acknowledge our singularity. I felt supported and inspired by Rachel’s enthusiasm for self investigation and spiritual growth. Her teaching is accessible to any woman with the intention of self love. In the length of only 6 weeks I developed a bigger sense of connection to myself, through a discipline of rituals that allowed me to explore all of my feelings without judgment. I received tools that I can revisit, make my own and use forever. “- Céleste Tséden, Artist

“I felt very safe and comfortable with Rachel. She is kind and loving and wants to help all of us know ourselves better which is what I think drew us all to the class. We all want to know ourselves more deeply and I felt that since she has done this work for a while, it was great to have her as a guide! This totally inspires me to do similar work, have my own workshops/ moon groups, sense of community etc. I love her teaching style and feel that I see a lot of similarities in her and I so it was refreshing to feel understood and loved.”

-Vaza Racinet, Coach, Yoga Teacher

The wild woman experience

"Feb 24th I did my very first Wild Woman Dance workshop guided by Rachel, I was blown away by the power of this practice, and of her work. Rachel took us with care and protection on an incredibly deep and powerful inner journey through meditation, breath work, vocal and body expression, to the rhythm of carefully picked transcendent music. 

It was about Releasing, it was about Embodying our sacred feminine Power, it was about the Freedom and Safety to be who we are. It was about Listening to the subtle messages of our Souls and Allowing them to have a Voice, a Sensation, a Movement. It was about Creating with our whole Being. It was about Connecting... it was Magical. 

The entire experience was enhanced by the fact that it was shared with other Sister Goddesses, and that we felt held, safe and taken care of, all along the way.

After that WWD I felt closer to ME than ever, safe and powerful, the most freeing and beautiful feeling ever. " -Rafaëlle Cohen, Actress, Singer, Healer

“I am so grateful for Rachel Pringle’s Wild Woman Experience.  It is cathartic release.  Rachel’s deep wisdom and mastery of space holding makes for a safe container to feel alive and able to really let go.  The combination of breathwork, meditation ,dance, and the seamless way in which Rachel guides the process really allows me to use the time in the room to let go of control and trust that I am safe to express my full range of emotion.  I always leave Wild Woman feeling more me!  It helps me to remember who I am by guiding me back into my power and grace.” - Liz Marz, Transformational Coach

"My experience at the Wild Woman workshop surpassed any other. I was supported in powerfully remembering who I truly am at the core and encouraged to become fully and unabashedly self expressed. I re-engaged with my authentic truth and the willingness and courage to voice that truth out in the world. I left the workshop with a deep feeling of freedom and expansion and connection to self. Thank you for a truly epic, heart opening and wild experience! "

-Megan Zimring, Evolutionary Astrologist, Healing Practitioner.


"Rachel holds such a safe and sacred space for us, Wild Women, to explore ourselves further, love ourselves deeper and own our infinite power as the divine feminine. Surrounded by sisters, we grounded down as we rose together. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I danced, I stretched, I expanded in ways I didn't even know I could. For any woman wanting to unveil the next best version of yourself, I invite you to gift yourself this day of beauty, power and healing. You deserve it. The world needs you. You need you."

-Lauren Hurley


 "I appreciated the experiential and embodied nature of this workshop, which provides a powerful insightful experience in the moment. Wild Woman workshop gave me tools that I have used everyday since. My morning ritual is enhanced, and my state of self worth has grown. During Wild Woman I experienced a powerful exercise that illuminated a pattern that has been holding me back in stepping into my full power and potential. Since, I have committed to see my gifts and light more. Rachel and Moun as wonderful guides because they radiates that which they teach. They are complete embodiments of what it means to be a wild woman who worships herself through the discipline of self love. "

-Julia Grace Vishnepolsky, M.A, R-DMT,  Clinical psychotherapist & Registered Dance/Movement Therapist


"I attended the Wild Woman workshop in December 2016 and was blown away by Rachel and Moun's combined talents! The day was sexy, fun and deeply informative; I walked away with many breakthroughs in the realms of relationship, self love and spiritual practice. "A wild woman has her hands in the earth and knows what she wants when she wants it" - so incredibly inspiring. Thank you Rachel and Moun... I can't recommend this workshop enough!"

-Molly Joseph, Relationship and Attraction coach, Journalist, Inspirational Speaker







Embodiment Coaching


"Working with Rachel Pringle is a life changing experience. Her insights over the past few years during our work together have been incredibly transformative. I have found that many life coaches and therapists are great with diagnosis but have a lack of real and succinct tools to help fulfill the shifts needed at the time. Rachel gets to the root of the obstacle with a spiritually based self love approach, using clear and exciting methods and modalities to help the growth process succeed. The work is all very comforting. She often infuses humor to get her point across which instantly feels non threatening while still challenging me, which I really appreciate. Rachel is compassionate, gentle, and optimistic, while still being realistic about the discipline it takes to create lasting change. I’ve seen and felt the shifts in my own life and they are GREAT! I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to empower their life with true support and vision to fulfill their dreams. Thank you Rachel. With your help, I truly feel like I can fly! "- Gina La Piana, Actress, Singer, Writer


"Rachel is a masterful coach. There are few people, especially women, who are able to access and wield that much power with such grace and effortlessness. She has snapped me out of so many self sabotaging and defeating patterns, programs, and illusions. My life would not be the same without her. I am so grateful for her capacity to receive my darkest moments without judgment and meet my pain with compassion, love, and a firm, healing hand. Rachel is here to bring the truth of femininity out of all of us." -Mia Banducci, Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Writer



awakening The Subtle Body 

"Rachel creates a safe container that allows for uninhibited  expression. She is masterful at guiding a process that allowed me to be vulnerable and reach depths in my expression that was deeply healing and liberating. She empowered me with tools and a practice that I have been integrating daily that has unleashed my creative and sexual energy. I am so deeply grateful and highly recommend this experience to anyone that wants to connect to their potency and power. " -Yael Marantz, Photographer


"This was a unique and vulnerable experience, and I’m glad it was led by someone who pays attention to the details of feeling safe, private, and intimate during the process. I was hesitant about it because I’m a very private person, but Rachel knew how to draw out the parts that I was afraid to reveal or open to. I’m also someone that doesn’t cry easily unless in the privacy of my home, yet I felt so open and free afterwards that there was a quality to my tears unknown to me and freeing in that moment. It was nice to meet another part of myself, and to take that home to my husband and relationships." -Sara Khan, Photographer 


"Rachel was born with the gift of guiding women into the feminine world. She guided me into deep relaxation safely and carefully as I got to experience parts of myself I haven't been in touch with before. At one point, I felt connected to my voice in a way that helped me realize how much power within me I’ve been afraid to reveal. Rachel is sensitive to this sacred process . She is a true goddess." - Nadine Valazquez, Actress