Sacred union is where you meet your mirror

to meet yourself.


Love is DIVINE

It can be the most Incredibly expansive experience and also the scariest whirlwind, all at the same time.

How do we create deeper love in our relationship? How do we create more intimacy? 

How do we align our visions? 

And how do we have crazy hot tantric sex?

I want to help you find out


Are you fully expressed?

Partnership is our opportunity to dive deeper into our own unique way of relating.

Learning the proper tools to be fully transparent will open you to your own truth.

This sacred container is where we get to do some of the deepest work of our lives.

This is an opportunity for you to heal old traumas and wounds that are blocking you from your true potential and power.


On April 7th 2018 I married my partner of 5 years. Our relationship has been the number one catalyst of transformation in my life.

We have been through the highest of highest and the lowest of lows. Almost losing each other in the midst. Our dedication to The Practice has allowed us to receive the gift of one another over and over again. He is my greatest teacher and I am his. Together we continue to evolve, falling deeper in love every step of the way.


Single Sessions available upon request

3 month program- a deep dive into partnership and fully expressed love

Free introductory call


 I AM Here to serve!