Take Mystery as Your LOVER


Is your body awake? Are you accessing your richest resources to feel and create ecstasy in your every day life?


Your subtle body is a hub for bliss and creativity.


This practice is a way to heal and release old or hidden traumas and awaken to parts of ourself that are powerful beyond measure. 


Awakening The Subtle Body is designed to cultivate and curate the sexual and sensual energy that resides inside of us.


This is for women who are looking to prime their body for intimacy and sacred partnership, deepen their relationship to the feminine as well as prepare their body for creation energy to channel into innovative endeavors, artistry and to manifest your full potential.

Tap into the innate wisdom of your vessel and receive ancient wisdom and answers to any questions you may seek.


This Ritual based practice done In a small group of women or one on one from the privacy of your own home or my studio.

Can also be guided over skype or zoom.


5 Women Maximum             3 hr session                    $110 pp

One and one        1 1/2hr session               $250

Couples         3 hr session          $450



In to me you see

One on One 3 month coaching program 

We will journey through awakening the body, priming the vessel and healing past traumas.

This program is for women who are looking to merge with their femininity and learn deeper tantric tools to be deeply in love with their true essence. 


Free introductory call 



 I AM supported to serve freely.