I live to share my gifts

One of my greatest joys is to share the tools that have helped me empower myself. I live for transparency and vulnerability. I have found again and again that when I share my story I give permission for others to do the same. Healing is about expression and I am tuned in to the fact that a huge part of my purpose here is to spread my awareness using my voice.

My specialties involve taking ideas and expanding them into experiences that go beyond intellect and actually land in our deep in our cellular body so that we can actually experience lasting change and feel the enthusiasms of direct activation.

Public Speaking Topics

  • Embodiment

  • Self-Love and Empowerment

  • Transparency and Vulnerability

  • Conscious Communication

  • Body Image

  • Health and Intuitive Nutrition 

  • Energetic Boundaries

  • Relationships

  • Masculine and Feminine Polarity 

  • Sex and Intimacy