A Wild Woman is in tune with the inherent energy that flows within her, within all of us. She worships herself so she can be in worship of the world. She is connected to her body through her spirit and so she is connected to the earth and its spirit. She is a vessel for love, creation and expansion. She is one with all. She is the power that exists within you and she is the medicine to heal the world. Remember who you are.

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 The Wild Woman Experience

This is a 2 hour femme identified immersive experience. I create a safe space where women are guided into a mind-body cathartic and transformational experience. With specifically curated music and delicate guidance, women feel connected to their bodies, allowing them to uncover the inherent wisdom that is lives within.



Priming the physical vessel in order to open energy meridians and align chakras to receive life force energy.


Releasing tension, trauma and pain that is stored deep in the body, to create energetic space and mental clarity.


Cathartic ecstatic style dance that promotes freedom, somatic release and a rebalancing of sensuality through exploring the feminine archetypes. 


Guided self love meditation to root practices into physical form.

The discipline of worship



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